Monday, October 28, 2013

Machine Headcount:

These are the machines at my disposal.  The earliest has been in my possession since 2003.

Oldest processor is a 386SX, newest is AMD Phenom II x4
OS Year Serial Can be Networked Optical 3½ Floppy USB Notes
Windows 7 Pro 2010 Yes Yes Dual DVD Not Reliable Yes Warm
Windows XP Pro 2003 No Yes DVD No Yes Workhorse
Windows XP Pro 2004 Yes Yes DVD Semi-Reliable Yes Slower than its laptop contemporary
None 2005 Yes Probably No Yes Yes Missing parts; similar to above
Linux: openSuSE 11.3 2008 Yes Yes DVD No Yes Robust
Linux: Mint 12 & Windows 7 Pro 2008? Yes Probably DVD No Yes OS too new for it
Windows 2000 Pro 2000 Yes Yes CD Yes Yes Kinda slow, but impressive
Windows 98 1999 Yes Probably not DVD Broken USB1.0 only Used to be networked
Windows 98 1997? Yes Probably not CD No No Tiny HDD, sound driver issues
Windows 95C 1998? Yes Filesharing only Dual CD Yes No Also has 5¼ floppy
Windows 3.11 1994 Yes Probably not No No No Floppy drive cable shredded
DOS 6.22 1994 I think BNC only No Yes No SCSI compatible